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Wig tutorials for Ringabel and Edea Lee from Bravely Default.
[Cosmode 49, 2013]


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-small life update-

I’ve been pretty busy with uni lately, with not much time to blog or work on costumes. I couldn’t swing going to Wellington armageddon with my parents, but I will be going to the Hamilton one.




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Disney Fine Art: “Ohana means family" by Heather Theurer:)


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something abandoned, something sought

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever scan pages or magazines by request? I am also curious about which GLBs and cosmodes you have, thanks!

Depends on how specific the request is- I don’t have time to do an entire magazine, and I’m pretty sure those are available around the web anyway. But individual tutorials or feature spreads, maybe. I plan to scan some Bravely Default wig tutorials soon.

I usually just grab magazines whenever I’m somewhere with a Kinokuniya, or there are some for sale locally, but these are what I have around at the moment:

Kera 11/Nov. 2007, -Maniacs Mook 7 (October 2006), Jan. 2013, Oct. 2013, March 2014.

Gothic and Lolita Bibles 46, 48, 49 and 50.

Cosmodes 40(7/2011), 48(11/2012) and 49 (1/2013).

And some other miscellaneous ones like the AP museum and Madoka Rebellion movie mooks.


"A Strapless That Stays Put" by Kenneth D. King

Featured in Threads magazine, issue #46, pp. 52-56

A couple years ago I inherited a bunch of old copies of Threads magazine after my grandmother passed away, and this article is by far one of the most useful discussions of dressmaking technique for strapless bodices that I’ve run across.  I scanned it for my own personal use, but since I’ve been getting a couple questions about a couple of my projects, I figured I would share it with you guys!