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Wig tutorials for Ringabel and Edea Lee from Bravely Default.
[Cosmode 49, 2013]


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-small life update-

I’ve been pretty busy with uni lately, with not much time to blog or work on costumes. I couldn’t swing going to Wellington armageddon with my parents, but I will be going to the Hamilton one.




u ever have that friend where ur like. yes lets get an apartment together. lets adopt 200 cats. lets DO IT


Disney Fine Art: “Ohana means family" by Heather Theurer:)


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something abandoned, something sought

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever scan pages or magazines by request? I am also curious about which GLBs and cosmodes you have, thanks!

Depends on how specific the request is- I don’t have time to do an entire magazine, and I’m pretty sure those are available around the web anyway. But individual tutorials or feature spreads, maybe. I plan to scan some Bravely Default wig tutorials soon.

I usually just grab magazines whenever I’m somewhere with a Kinokuniya, or there are some for sale locally, but these are what I have around at the moment:

Kera 11/Nov. 2007, -Maniacs Mook 7 (October 2006), Jan. 2013, Oct. 2013, March 2014.

Gothic and Lolita Bibles 46, 48, 49 and 50.

Cosmodes 40(7/2011), 48(11/2012) and 49 (1/2013).

And some other miscellaneous ones like the AP museum and Madoka Rebellion movie mooks.